About the artist

“Life leads you along a very interesting path, sometimes challenging, sometimes painful, and sometimes wonderful. These times help make humans who you are, and what you stand for, and where you are going in the future.”

I have the sixth sense that my obligation as a human being is to acquire knowledge with my own eyes and not through the eyes of others. By using my creative gifts, and the life’s knowledge that I have acquired, I hope that my art reaches the eyes of many who can then interpret the art as having individual meaning to each individual who views it.

We live as ripples of energy in the vast ocean of energy. Each time I begin a project, I am amazed at the connection I receive from the Great Spirit, and how my hands seem to be directed to the stroke of the brush, watching the various colors blend, of the blend of the various glass as it fires in the kiln.

Life’s lessons can sometimes appear harsh, but when you review my art, I hope that those harsh lessons become a part of history, and you enjoy the work as it takes your mind away from the challenges of the day.


*To use my creative side to help share the wisdom that life has taught me by using visual images. I then hope that my work helps people feel good about themselves, their families, and the environment.
* To always portray a winning attitude, and share my internal burning desire to make people smile and laugh

Peace & Blessings
Ed Kinney

All proceeds go to several charities, which I believe are important.